Downward Facing Dog Tutorial

Some Yoga poses that seem easy can be the hardest. Like downward facing dog, a foundational pose of Yoga. This video explores how to engage various muscle groups by transitioning to downward dog from plank. The key is to press into the hands to first lift off the hips. By staying on your toes you can get deeper into elongating the back, stretching behind the shoulders while the crown of the head reaches down. Then, continue to pike up with the hips while the heels reach down. Keep lifting the belly. And... smile! Don’t forget to keep the jaw relaxed 🤣 Voila! This should get you into a deeper, more active down dog.

Yoga Tip: High Lunge

Time for sunny #tiptuesday 😎 Today’s yoga tip is about high lunge or crescent pose. In this video, I start from downward facing dog. Stepping a foot between the hands and then raising the torso upright. You can also place your hands on the quads to help with balance before raising your arms up, palms facing each other. The front knee is at a 90 degree angle over the ankle. Shoulders relaxed in their sockets. Don’t overarch the lower back. Lengthen the tailbone toward the mat. Back leg is strong and straight. Hips are squared forward. It’s very similar to warrior 1, except for the back foot. This pose is great for balance, strength and flexibility. It’s also a great transition from and to other asanas. Use it on the mat everyday!

Yoga Tip: Bringing A Foot Between The Hands From Downward Facing Dog

Today, I’m breaking down how to bring a foot between the hands from three legged dog. It’s an important transition but it’s easy to get stuck half way! The trick is to create space. First, use your gaze, and look in between your hands. Bend the knee and bring it closer to the chest as the back foot reaches up on the toes. Now there’s enough space to bring the foot between the hands. Yes, this transition requires flexibility, but creating space is key. As with anything, practice, practice, practice!